Choral Camp

A week of music and adventure

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Rosedale’s Choral Camp is an exciting adventure that intertwines learning music with lots of fun recreational activities. The camp is upbeat and positive, reflecting the philosophy that music is God’s gift to the church and is cause for celebration. We focus on the basics of sight reading music and singing in parts, but we also branch out into other programs such as string ensembles and band.

The camp accepts students who have completed grades 2 through 8 and have not yet entered grade 9. Campers vary in their musical skills from the untrained to those who have taken lessons for many years. All students, regardless of their training, have the opportunity to advance their musical skills to a higher level.

We will run two identical camps in 2022:

  • Camp One: July 11-15
  • Camp Two: July 18-22
Registration DateFirst ChildSecond ChildEach Additional Child
On or Before April 1$265$235$205
After April 1$295$265$235

Why Should You Send Your Child?

  • It’s fun and educational, all at the same time. See video here.
  • Classes are based on a comprehensive, sequential, varied curriculum. View curriculum charts.
  • Teachers are qualified. See Teacher Bios below (biographies are posted after instructor staffing is confirmed).
  • Campers receive spiritual care.
  • Worship Opportunities
    • Daily chapel
    • Campfires with the camp pastor
    • Prayer with dorm counselors
    • Hymn sing

Ken Miller has a Bachelor of Music Education degree and a Master of Science in Mathematics, both from the Ohio State University. He has served on the faculty at Rosedale Bible College for over two decades where he teaches music classes and directs the Rosedale Chorale. Ken also serves as a worship leader at Shiloh Mennonite Church.

Jennifer Miller holds a Bachelor of Psychology degree from Cedarville University. She teaches elementary music at Shekinah Christian School and has been a long-time private piano instructor. Jenny has been part of Choral Camp since its beginning in 1999. Jenny, and her husband Ken have four grown children and five grandchildren.

Amber Hartzler has a bachelor’s degree in music education and a master’s in special education. She teaches music for grades three – six in her hometown of Lowville, NY. This is Amber’s 10th choral camp.

Jared Stutzman has an Associate’s in Biblical Studies with a music emphasis from Rosedale Bible College and an bachelor’s in music education . He currently is the choral director at Eastern Mennonite High School. He has been involved with Choral Camp for 15 years and is a father of 3 children.

Megan Troyer holds a one year certificate in Biblical Studies from RBC and a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree from Cedarville University. She is currently studying to get a certification in the field of neurodevelopment. She has played both the piano and the trumpet for longer than she has not, performed in many ensembles, traveled to four continents, taught children many times in various capacities, and been to Choral Camp as both camper and staff.

Drop Off:

10:30 Check In
12:00 Choral Camp Welcome – assembly for campers and their families
12:30 Choral Camp Cookout – lunch for campers and their families
1:20 Goodbyes to campers. Informational parents’ meeting in cafeteria

Pick Up:


2:00 Recitation – a demonstration of musical activities by campers for their families
3:00 Reception on the lawn for campers and families
Check out immediately following the reception




A zany, two-page newspaper, the Rosedale Record, is published every day of Choral Camp. Campers get them delivered every morning; parents can check this site after 8:00 or 9:00 PM to get the scoop before the campers and maybe even see their children.

Record Archives

2021 Camps I and II

2019 Camps I and II

2018 Camps I and II













Camp II:    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Camp I:     Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Camp II:    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Camp I:     Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Camp II:    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Camp I:     Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Camp II:    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Camp I:     Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

2002 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

2001 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

2000 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

As part of the activities, we host a hymn sing each week of camp for anyone who would like to attend. The hymn sing occurs on Thursday evening at 8:00, with an ice cream social following.


sheets (for a single bed)

(No short or tight shorts/skirts, spaghetti straps, or low-cut necklines, and no swimsuits without get-wet clothes, please)
Casual; for class and recreation
Clothes to get wet in
(no swimming wear please; dark-colored clothing works best)
Please mark tags with your child’s first and last names.

Khaki bottoms (slacks, skirt, or shorts for the recitation).
Please pin on the khaki bottoms a large note to your child: “Don’t wear until the recitation.”
Shoes and/or sandals
Wacky socks for Wednesday’s Wacky Sock Day
Socks for Wednesday’s off-campus adventure
One pair of tall socks

Personal Supplies
Fan – with your name on it
Mosquito spray
Water bottle with your name on it
Bag for laundry

Class Supplies
1-inch 3-ring binder with pockets* with your name on it (Binders larger than 1 inch don’t work well.)
2 pencils or pens*
Optional – Any acoustic instruments (no electronically amplified instruments, please) for use during discretionary time
Stringed instrument* (if signed up for a strings class)
Band instrument* (if signed up for band)

Recreation Supplies
2 cans of shaving cream*
A large sponge*
3 books to lend to the Choral Camp library for the week. (Please mark with camper’s first and last name.)

A night light
Goggles (for the shaving cream slide)
Swimsuits for girls (to be worn under get wet clothing)
Shower cap (for get wet activities)
Blank book or bound notebook for a journal
Addressed, stamped envelope to mail a letter home
You may wish to mark all clothing with camper’s name. Please be sure get wet clothes are marked.

Black Sharpies/fabric marker to let friends sign this year’s Choral Camp t-shirt

Rollerblades or roller skates (if you already own them; be sure to write your name on them)

What to Leave At Home
Cellphones (if necessary, campers may use hall leaders’ phones; parents may contact their campers via the Choral Camp office)
Carbonated beverages
Radios, CD players, MP3’s, ipods
Video games
Large sums of money

* These items could be packed together for
your camper to take to the check-in Monday morning.

Talk to Us

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