Discover Rosedale

Discover Rosedale is an immersive weekend experience for high school students interested in Rosedale Bible College.

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Choral Camp

Rosedale’s Choral Camp is an exciting adventure that intertwines learning music with lots of fun recreational activities. The camp is upbeat and positive, reflecting the philosophy that music is God’s gift to the church and is cause for celebration. 

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The Rosedale Invitational

The Rosedale Invitational is an annual OHSAA-sanctioned high-school basketball tournament co-hosted with Shekinah Christian School for both men’s and women’s teams.

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High School Choral Fest

Choral Fest is an bi-annual high-school choir festival bringing together choirs from around the eastern United States for a weekend of fun, spiritual input and musical development. 

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New Programs Coming September 2020!

Rosedale School of Business and Leadership

Preparing kingdom workers to engage the marketplace with excellence and integrity.

Training in Ministry Distance Learning

An innovative approach to using distance learning tools to equip believers and churches for more effective ministry.

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