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Our instructors are Mennonites who affirm the RNOC statement of faith and who teach from an Anabaptist faith perspective. This includes a focus on Anabaptist themes like believer’s church, discipleship, non-resistance, simplicity, non-conformity, New Testament finality, and the centrality of Christ. The inspiration and authority of scripture serves as the basis for these teachings.

Nope! We teach and practice in an evangelical Anabaptist tradition, and we’re affiliated with Mennonite denomination RNOC, but we have students from across the United States and even outside the US, and from a wide range of Christian groups. In our experience, students don’t have to be Mennonite to thrive at Rosedale, and to benefit from our transformative spiritual atmosphere, academic excellence and supportive social climate. 

Our numbers fluctuate, but most years we work with between 55 and 75 students.

We are accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education. We are also authorized by the Ohio Department of Higher Education to grant an associate degree in Biblical studies and recognized by the United States Department of Education as an agency for Biblical higher education. 

Rosedale Bible College is in the tiny town of Rosedale, approximately thirty minutes west of downtown Columbus, Ohio.

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Audits are typically taken as an overload for personal enrichment. Official audits require the student to read the text(s) and attend 85–90% of classes. These audits appear on the student’s transcript. Unofficial audits include no requirements and do not appear on transcripts.

Rosedale Choir, which rehearses during the fall semester, is an extracurricular activity which you will need to officially sign up for at the beginning of the semester. The Rosedale Chorale is a select group with auditions held at the beginning of the winter term. Once auditions have been held, the course will be added to each participant’s schedule.

Our degrees are most vocationally helpful if you hope to do any type of church, ministry, Christian education or mission work. Many ministries, mission organizations, Christian schools and churches require this type of training as a minimum preparation for service. The related concentrations also show that you have studied a particular area more intently. For many of our students, a degree from RBC serves as the starting point for further degrees. We’re constantly expanding our list of partners offering 2+2 programs in a variety of majors. Also, because Rosedale is accredited by a governmentally recognized accrediting body (ABHE), there are many other colleges that accept Rosedale credits, even outside of our established agreements.

Yes! We have a distance learning program called Training in Ministry (TiM). This is an adult distance learning program for those who wish to continue growing in their ability to serve in a ministry or the local church. While these courses are accredited, this is not a traditional degree program.

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Tuition and fees are billed one semester or term at a time, and payment is due the first Friday of each term. Payment plans are available upon request. Please contact registrar@rosedale.edu for further questions or to set one up. 

We don’t have an ATM on campus, but our finance department can cash checks for you, or hold money for you for withdrawal. Our campus coffee shop and store accept credit card payments. 

Yes! We work hard to make the Rosedale experience affordable for everyone, and one element of that work is our range of targeted scholarships and discounts for incoming students. 

For students from a select group of Anabaptist denominations (presently RNOC, LMC, Evana and Good News Fellowship), we offer the Multiply Scholarship, our most substantial discount. 

We offer other scholarships based on need, academic achievement, service, church attendance, parents’ ministry and more. You can find a full list on our financial aid page. Students who apply also complete a Rosedale Bible College Scholarship application to ensure that we can apply as much internal aid as possible for each student.

Yes, you can pay with a credit card through our student portal, Populi. You will be notified when your bill is set up and ready to be paid. You can also pay your bill by check or by money order after you arrive on campus or through the mail.

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RBC offers a great combination of advantages. First of all, RBC is an ideal setting to become grounded in your faith in a post-high school setting. The focused spiritual environment, high student life expectations, biblically based Anabaptist teaching, encouragement to ask questions, small family-like atmosphere and committed, knowledgeable faculty make RBC a great place to grow spiritually. Academically, the accredited status of the college, small classes (average of 20 students), caring approachable faculty, and high standards result in much learning. Students are well-prepared to go on in their studies after RBC. RBC costs only a half to a third as much as many other private Christian colleges. Why not start at RBC, and then transfer as many credits as you can into another four-year school to pursue a major of your choice?

In most cases. If you’re enrolled in the degree program at Rosedale, you may request a credit transfer from another college. You’ll need to make your request to our Academic Office, and you’ll have to provide them with your official transcript from any other college you attended, so they can review your credits and evaluate them for transfer credit. We won’t accept credit for courses in which you didn’t earn at least a C. 

While we don’t have a hard deadline for enrollment, we encourage you to apply at least 3 weeks before the start of the intended semester/term of enrollment. There are certain scholarships with a deadline of May 1, and we encourage all students to fill out FAFSA for federal and state aid as soon as possible. 

All class registrations and changes to registrations must be made by 4:00 p.m. on the second day of classes in any given term.

What we look for most is evidence of a desire to deepen your relationship with God, a desire to put your faith into practice, and a willingness to participate in our campus community in healthy, constructive ways. High school graduation or an equivalency diploma is required for normal admission. If you don’t have a high school diploma, you can still apply for admission on academic probation. While SAT and ACT scores are helpful, they aren’t required for admission to Rosedale Bible College.

You may fax your application materials to 877-857-1312, if a fax is more convenient than conventional mail or email.

Yup. You can change your class registration up until 4:00 p.m. on the second class day of each study term.

It varies, depending on how quickly we receive transcripts and reference forms. Once all of your materials are turned in, you can expect to hear back from us within two weeks.

Occasionally there will be space available on campus for family members to rent. Contact info@rosedale.edu to see availability. 

Mail can be sent in your name to 2270 Rosedale Road, Irwin, OH 43029.
The number for the Main Office/Emergencies is 740-857-1311

Transportation can be a concern on a rural campus. In our experience, though, students without cars are usually able to get where they need to go by riding along with other students or staff, or borrowing cars.

Yes! Accommodations are made on an individual basis depending on your individual needs. For questions about your specific situation, feel free to get in touch with admissions, or contact the Academic Office, or the Office of Student Life.

All rooms include two twin sized bunks. One bunk only has one bed on it making it a total of 3 beds per room. There are never more than 2 students per dorm room.

They’re not prohibited, but due to limited space and the possibility of electrical overloads we discourage bringing those appliances. A microwave, refrigerator, and toaster are available in each dorm lounge area for students to use. Coffee is available in the cafeteria or coffee shop.

 Yes, computers are located in the student computer lab and the library.

Yes. A Roommate Selection Questionnaire is mailed in each acceptance packet. Requests are honored at the discretion of the Resident Directors.

Roommates for incoming students are assigned one week before the beginning of each term. Unless you request a specific roommate, you’ll find out the dorm assignments once you arrive on campus.

Yup. You can work off-campus as long as the job doesn’t interfere with your course schedule. There are also on-campus jobs available for students. To apply, please fill out and return this form. If you have any questions contact admissions@rosedale.edu.

Yes! We ask that you inform your Resident Director of expected visitors and receive approval. They’ll also need to pay for lodging, and any meals they eat on campus.

Yes, RBC will forward your mail for up to one year with the provision of a current mailing address.

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