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Training in Ministry

Training in Ministry (TiM) is preparing Kingdom Workers in their home context – spiritually, academically, and personally. Our program is a practical and accredited distance learning program offered completely online by Rosedale Bible College.  

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Training in Ministry

A distance learning program sponsored by Rosedale Bible College, LMC and RNOC to better equip believers and churches for effective ministry.

An opportunity for a personalized learning journey.

The Training in Ministry program offers students an opportunity to begin their educational journey through a short-term, non-degree program that can be personalized to meet a wide range of goals.

Students can pursue all five academic tracks, or they can pick and choose tracks to create their own personalized learning journey.

Our program accommodates students who study to further their role in a specific church or parachurch ministry, and those who study for personal formation. We look forward to hearing your goals.

Begin your learning journey and apply today! 

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2024 Annual TiM Retreat

Essentials of Biblical Interpretation

with Phil Weber

August 15-17, 2024

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Practical Learning. Accessible Curriculum.
Innovative Design. Accredited. Online.

In developing the courses for Training in Ministry, we worked with curriculum design and pedagogy experts to craft a template that balances group sessions, lectures, content, and assessments to ensure that information is delivered as comprehensively as possible.

Five Essential Learning Tracks

Each track consists of three ten-week courses, divided into week-long units. 

Available Tracks

Congregational Care and Counseling
Spiritual and Personal Formation
Bible and Theology Formation

Watch for Future Learning Tracks

Leadership and Ministry Formation
Church Multiplication

2023-2024 Course Schedule

Fall 2023 Courses
September 11 – November 17

Congregational Counseling
with Shawn Otto

Biblical Interpretation and Study
with Leon Zimmerman

Discipling Others
with Troy Landis

Winter 2024 Courses
January 8 – March 15

Congregational Care
with Preston Yoder

Bible Survey
with Reuben Sairs

Spring 2024 Courses
March 25 – May 31

Congregational Gift Development
with Jon Risner

Anabaptist History and Theology
with Jon Showalter

Spiritual Formation
with Jay Conn

Learning Track Descriptions

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⦁ Leader Care – Students learn about self-care of the leader including boundaries, creation of a PCRC, Sabbath, and other activities that facilitate a healthier ministry. 

⦁ Congregational Care  – This course trains students in the fundamentals of caring for people who are hurt and/or seeking guidance through life stages, like home visitation, hospital visits, weddings, and funerals.

⦁ Congregational Counseling – Students are trained in skills for mental health intervention in the congregation and community. Topics like premarital counseling, grief counseling, marriage counseling, parenting and referral training.


⦁ Spiritual Formation – This course introduces and trains students in the spiritual habits that have shaped the character and behavior of saints through church history. The goal of this course is to help students deepen a rich walk with God.

⦁ Personal Development – Students learn skills to cultivate and maintain and grow a well-rounded personal life that leads to greater effectiveness in ministry. 

⦁ Discipling Others – This course helps students learn to help others grow in Christ in the context of personal relationships. 


⦁ Biblical Interpretation and Study – This course is designed to help students know how to faithfully read and understand scripture.

⦁ Bible Survey – This course gives an overview of scripture, helping students understand major themes, structure, and content.

⦁ Anabaptist History and Theology – Designed to help students to understand the Anabaptist movement theology, this course gives students the opportunity to evaluate Anabaptism against a Biblical understanding of life in Christ.


⦁ Church Administration – Students are taught to perform important leadership and administrative skills that facilitate more effective ministry. 

⦁ Leading Change – Students learn through study and a major project how to lead a congregation through change.

⦁ Public Ministry Skills – Students learn and practice skills such as public speaking and preaching, teaching, and facilitating corporate worship.


– Assimilation – Students learn to design and implement effective assimilation systems for newcomers to a local church. The course seeks to aid pastors and leaders enable first time guest to be intentionally guided into the process of becoming long time members.
– Church Growth – This course shows the vital signs, essential principles, and necessary practices of a healthy growing church. Students will learn biblical models for growing a church, reaching the unchurched, and cultural influences that affect church growth.
– Church Multiplication – Students will learn the key characteristics of a church planter and basic components, factors, and benefits of starting a new church. Students will learn the essential characteristics of a church planting vision and be able to form and implement a strategy

Individual Course Details

Click here to read syllabi and instructor bios for each course.

Frequently Asked Questions

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⦁ Rosedale offers three 10-week terms per year online.
⦁ Course offerings are arranged into five tracks: Bible and Theology Formation, Spiritual and Personal Formation, Leadership and Ministry Formation, Pastoral Care and Counseling, and Local and Global Mission.
⦁ Each successfully completed course  earns three credits.
⦁ Successful completion of a track earns a Certificate awarded by the earner’s respective denominational body (for students from RNOC or LMC).

$300 per credit, $900 per course. The cost of an entire learning track is $2,700, including God’s Mission and His Church as a free capstone.

Yes! Rosedale Bible College has developed this online program for anyone, but it emerged from a collaboration between the RNOC and LMC church networks. Individuals from RNOC and LMC are able to apply for a dedicated financial aid and certificate of completion from their respective organization.

⦁ Each course is designed to engage students at multiple points and in a variety of ways.  Video lectures, blog posts, assignments, small group activities, online forums, online assessments, and real-time class discussions with the instructor are all included in the curriculum. 
⦁ The multifaceted approach to distance learning with real time (synchronous) and asynchronous pieces allows students maximum flexibility to engage in learning without travel.
⦁ Some portions of the program design are included to foster a sense of community with fellow students during the course.

Interested students from RNOC and LMC churches may be eligible for tuition discounts and/or scholarships. For more information, inquire with the designated contact at your conference office.

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State Authorization Reciprocity

Rosedale Bible College is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education. We are also authorized by the Ohio Department of Higher Education to grant an associate degree in Biblical studies and recognized by the United States Department of Education as an agency for Biblical higher education.  RBC is approved to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.

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