Faculty & Staff

Dion Gingerich

Dean of Students
Course(s): Marriage & the Family; Introduction to Counseling; Jesus and the Ethics of the Kingdom; Spiritual Formation

Jeff Miller

Course(s): Synoptic Gospels & the Life of Christ; Hebrews; Prison & Pastoral Epistles; Preaching the Biblical Text; Core Christian Beliefs II; Old Testament Poetry

Jeremy Miller


Ken Miller

Faculty; Financial Aid Director
Course(s): Worship Leadership; Worship in the Christian Tradition; College Algebra; Intro to Humanities; Rosedale Chorale; Intro to Music Theory & Sight Singing; Class Voice; Choral Conducting

Matthew Showalter

Academic Dean; Faculty
Course(s): Biblical Literature I, II, III; Spiritual Formation; Old Testament Prophets

Phil Weber

Course(s): Principles of Biblical Interpretation; Genesis; Romans; History of Christianity I

Reuben Sairs

Faculty; Director of Library Services; TiM Instructor
Course(s): Introduction to World Religions; Introduction to Philosophy; Christian Apologetics; Anabaptism Today; Public Speaking; The Gospel of John; Introduction to the Biblical Languages; Bible Survey (TiM)

Rick Griest

Director of Business & Leadership; Faculty
Course(s): Business and the Kingdom of God; Principles of Marketing; Leadership, Communication & Ethics

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Donations and Alumni Relations: jshowalter@rosedale.edu

Facility Rental: info@rosedale.edu


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