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We develop market leaders with a kingdom mindset.
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Accelerate Your Leadership in the Marketplace

In just two years, you can earn an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies with a concentration in the Rosedale School of Business and Leadership. With that degree in hand, you’ll be prepared to move directly into business management. Or, if you prefer, you could transfer to another college or university and earn a bachelor’s degree in business with just two more years of study. Either way, the Rosedale School of Business and Leadership is designed to get you into the marketplace sooner.

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Differentiate Yourself with a Kingdom Perspective

Go beyond the essential tools of business—accounting, economics, marketing and human resources.
Discover how to consistently apply kingdom-centered values and objectives. 

We want you to be successful in making money, but even more, we want to help you reflect the glory of God as an effective, unusual leader in the marketplace.

Think Globally: How Your Work Fits with God’s Work

A global perspective opens you to new ideas, issues, and solutions, but even more it helps you to see God’s work in the world.

As a student in the Rosedale School of Business and Leadership, you’ll get a broad global view through courses on missions, culture, community transformation, apologetics, and world religions.

Depending on course offerings, you may even choose to travel abroad on a study tour.

Thoughtful Preparation for an Ever-Changing Marketplace

Succeed Through Mentoring

You’ll be paired with a mentor at the beginning of your time in the Rosedale School of Business and Leadership. This seasoned leader will build a professional relationship with you through regular site visits and Zoom conversations. Through regular visits and video chats, your mentor will help you connect course work with real-life business practices and challenges.

Rosedale School of Business and Leadership

Master Integrative Thinking

At the Rosedale School of Business and Leadership you’ll participate in regular integrative discussions:

  • One-hour guided weekly discussion  integrating real-life issues that emerge from mentoring interactions, classroom discussions, local and global news, and church life.
  • Each business and leadership course will take twenty minutes each week to integrate course content with Christian values and teachings.
Rosedale School of Business and Leadership

Varied Instruction Styles

  • Traditional face-to-face classes
  • Online lectures and discussion boards
  • Intensive seminars
  • Practicums
  • Mentoring
  • On-site business visits and interviews
  • Cohort training
Rosedale School of Business and Leadership

Courses to Fit Your Pathway

Six required courses to earn an Associate of Biblical Studies degree with a concentration in Business and Leadership. The degree is typically completed in two years.

  • Planning, Organizing, & Controlling
  • Microeconomics or Macroeconomics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Leadership, Communications, & Ethics
  • Flagship Course: Business in the Kingdom of God


Rosedale School of Business and Leadership

Partner with Us in Marketplace Kingdom Building

As a business  owner or operator, your success is highly dependent on the people you hire and develop. Allow us to assist you! We’ll equip your people with management/leadership skills and Kingdom-oriented hearts. Or consider hiring one our graduates. And if you have the ability, make a financial gift to support the ministry of  the Rosedale School of Business and Leadership (RSBL). You can earmark your contribution toward a long-term endowment fund, a shorter-term operating fund, or any combination of the two funds.

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Rosedale School of Business and Leadership

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