Transformative Learning

Cross-Cultural Study Term

Every Winter Term, we give students the opportunity to expand their horizons by studying with Christians outside the United States, and exploring the host nation’s history and culture. For second-year students, the extra cost of the study term is covered by an institutional grant.

Venture: Akwachink

A three week leadership and spiritual formation program that takes place in the Canadian wilderness. Participants learn how to canoe, portage and navigate using a compass while also learning various leadership skills and spiritual habits.

Bridge Internships

Bridge is an internship program to give second or third-year students an opportunity to develop vocational skills while serving in ministries and other occupational roles in our local community.

Short Term Ministry Credit

If you’ve been part of a short-term ministry program, you might be eligible to turn those experiences into college credit at Rosedale.

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Cross Cultural Study Term Details

Because RBC is committed to helping our students engage the world they live in through study, service and travel, we offer generous grants to second-year students to encourage them to take part in our cross-cultural study terms. Please see the academic catalog for the details about the grant.

RBC offers at least one cross-cultural experience per year, generally during winter term. Locations in the current rotation are listed below, along with the most recent academic year in which they were offered.

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Students spent six weeks in residence in Central Ethiopia, exploring the historical and cultural heritage of the region and interacting with the Ethiopian Mennonite Church. They were based in the dorms of the Meserete Kristos College; excursions were planned for most weekends. Courses offered were Introduction to Missions, taught by Richard Showalter, and Introduction to Islam, taught by Matt Showalter.

Richard Showalter serves as a global church liaison and adjunct instructor in missions for RBC and a consultant for RMM. He has long-standing relationships

with Ethiopian Mennonites and in recent years serves with two African groups in mission training in Ethiopia, where he and his wife Jewel are honorary members of the Meserete Kristos Church. Jewel grew up in Ethiopia as a daughter of missionary parents. Richard’s vocation is Christian witness to the world’s least-reached people, and his avocation is learning everything he can about the footprints of God in human history. (Ethiopia has lots of them.)

Matt Showalter grew up in Turkey and attended Turkish public schools into the 5th grade. As an adult, he has served with his family in church planting in a Muslim context, pastoral ministry, Bible teaching, and discipleship. Currently, Matt, his wife Colleen, and their five kids live on the Rosedale Bible College campus where he serves as the dean of students. He had never been to Ethiopia but enjoyed connecting with a church there that he had heard about his entire life from his mother and grandparents.

This study term combines two courses:  Introduction to Humanities and Mennonites, Anabaptists and the Radical Reformation (MARR). Students combine time in class on campus with several weeks in Europe, where they visit the places and see the art they’ve read about.


Students spend six weeks in residence in Southern Spain studying conversational Spanish, exploring the historical and cultural heritage of the region and reflecting on the forces shaping post-Christian Europe. They live with families and work with a Spanish church.

Students who are enrolled full-time for a year of resident study after earning at least 18 credits the prior school year may be eligible for the Cross-Cultural Grant. The grant is for up to $2,000 (up to $1,000 for non-dorming students) and may be applied toward the cost of any of the cross-cultural study programs offered for credit by RBC during the winter term. Eligibility is dependent on maintaining satisfactory academic progress. Funds from the grant may be credited to the student’s account during the spring semester following the experience. 

For questions about eligibility, contact the financial aid office.

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Venture: Akwachink Program Details

This program is operated through a partnership with Living Hope Native Ministries in Canada. It is scheduled for the three weeks prior to the fall semester. The three weeks consist of a canoe expedition in the Canadian wilderness. Teaching and activities are built into the trip to emphasize spiritual and leadership development. Twelve students are able to go on this trip.

(Three credit hours)
August 23 – September 13, 2024 
COST: $1,250.00

For more information, or to ask questions, email admissions@rosedale.edu.

Bridge team.

Bridge Internship Program Details

Bridge is an internship program of Rosedale Bible College that blends study and reflection with ministry and vocational exploration. A product of a vision for more “hands on” learning opportunity, Bridge is designed to equip young adults for ministry in both local and global contexts.

Bridge interns take core courses at RBC while serving their internships. Internships are available with International Friendships on the campus of OSU, with the Salvation Army’s anti-human trafficking division, at Agora’s inner-city ministry to youth and children, in local churches, and with other agencies. Check out our Internship Opportunities below to see a more complete list.

Interns gather for a weekly discipleship meeting to learn leadership skills, share ministry experiences, and grow in the practice of various spiritual disciplines.

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  • International Friendships Incorporated (IFI) on the campus of the Ohio State University: Bridge interns worked at building friendships with a wide variety of international students. This is excellent preparation for ministry “across the street or around the world”; interns learned to listen to and share friendship and faith with others from vastly different world views.
  • Agora Ministries: Bridge interns have assisted with tutoring and recreation programs for vulnerable inner-city children and youth at an inner-city Mennonite church in Columbus.
  • The Salvation Army (Columbus): Bridge interns joined social service departments that are combating human trafficking, addressing poverty, homelessness, and addictions. Interns have had the opportunity to work in prevention, rescue, and restoration efforts.
  • Horizon Prison Initiative (London): Bridge interns (men only) have served on Tuesday evenings as “outside brothers” to incarcerated men from all walks of life. Interns go into the prisons several times per week to shadow the Horizon staff as they administrate the multi-faith dorm. Interns meet, encourage, and interact with inmates.
  • Rosedale Bible College (Rosedale): Internships on the RBC campus have included a range of different interests such as: graphic design, library services, etc.
  • Rosedale International (Columbus): Internships at the Rosedale International Center include an array of different fields such as hospitality, maintenance, graphic design, writing, and communications.
  • Daily Needs Assistance (Plain City): Bridge interns have been involved with a kids and youth mentoring program through DNA. They have had the opportunity to be involved in afterschool programs and tutoring at the DNA community center in Plain City.
  • J. Jireh Ministries (Columbus): Interns work with Norman Brown in ministry to at-risk kids, veterans, and former prison inmates. Norman is also a community developer and church planter.
  • Shekinah Christian School (Plain City): Bridge interns with an interest in education have been involved at a local Christian school helping with various facets of the educational system.
  • Jonathan Alder and Fairbanks Local Schools (Plain City): Bridge interns have been involved with kids’ and youth mentoring programs through the local school systems. They also have the opportunity to get to know and counsel children in at-risk homes.
  • Occupational Therapy (Columbus): Interns shadowed and learned from licensed occupational therapists while they volunteered and worked in the school system.
  • Local Church Ministry: Bridge interns have served in various local churches with ministries such as youth, worship, and children. Pastoral internships may also be available for those who feel called to pastoral ministry.

Don’t limit yourself to this list. Let us know your interests and we can work to connect you to an organization!

Jeff and Jessica Miller, Bridge Coordinators, oversee the Bridge program.

Jeff and Jessica participate in the weekly discipleship meetings of the Bridge cohort and meet with the Bridge interns every two weeks for accountability on personal and ministry-related goals.

New students applying to Bridge will need to provide the following documents to the RBC admissions office:

  1. A completed Online Application.
  2. A High School Transcript. Transcripts should be requested from the academic records office of the school and sent directly to the admissions office at RBC.
  3. A College Transcript (if applicable). Transcripts should be requested from the academic records office of the college and sent directly to the admissions office at RBC.

Application materials should be sent to:

Admissions Office
Rosedale Bible College
2270 Rosedale Rd
Irwin, OH 43029-9517

Returning RBC students (those who have attended RBC within two years of the Bridge application year) who want to apply for Bridge need to complete the Bridge application for returning RBC students.

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Credit for Short-Term Ministry

The following policies guide the granting of academic credit for approved programs of at least six months duration which combine discipleship or missions training in a classroom setting and supervised outreach experiences. The REACH and YES programs operated by Mennonite missions agencies are prime examples. The academic dean maintains a list of programs approved by the academic committee for inclusion in this policy.

  1. Students who have completed their program may request academic credit for their experience from the registrar’s office at RBC. The request for credit must be made within three years after the completion of the program.
  2. Students requesting credit should present written verification from the agency office specifying the dates of participation and the location of the field experience.
  3. Credit for participation is graded on a pass/non-pass basis. The academic dean assigns this grade based on the written recommendation of the program administrator.
  4. Students may request credit from RBC only after earning at least 18 credit hours either prior to or following participation in the training program. Tuition for program credit is twenty percent of the standard tuition rate, payable at the time the credit is granted.
  5. Up to 9 credit hours may be granted for the following courses:
    VSF 101 Spiritual Formation (3 hours)
    VSF 231 Supervised Formation in Ministry (3 hours)
    VMI 111 Introduction to Evangelism (3 hours)

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