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The Rosedale Chorale

The Rosedale Chorale is a select touring choir that performs music from the renaissance time period to the present. “We always vary the song selections in the program,” says Ken Miller, director of the Chorale. “There is so much good music written throughout the last 500 years to choose from. And I believe the audience can be effectively led in worship when we blend artistic discipline with a sincere expression of faith.”

The chorale gives programs during weekends and on a 10-day tour in the spring semester.

2024 Chorale Tour Schedule

April 10, 7 PM – Turkey Run Mennonite Church (Logan, OH)
April 14 AM – Siloam Fellowship (Goshen, IN)
April 14 PM – Restor Church (Goshen, IN)
April 21 AM – Locust Grove Mennonite Church (Belleville, PA)
April 21 PM – Chambersburg Mennonite Church (Chambersburg, PA)
April 22 – Alive Church (Ephrata, PA)
April 23 – Greenwood Mennonite Church (Greenwood, DE)
April 24 – Maranatha Fellowship (Dover, DE)
April 25 – Pond Bank Community Church (Chambersburg, PA)
April 26 – Trinity Church (Prospect, VA)
April 28 AM – Dayton Mennonite Church (Harrisonburg, VA)
April 28 PM – Oak Dale Mennonite Church (Salisbury, PA)
May 5, 5:30 PM – Rosedale Bible College (Rosedale, OH) 

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