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Chapels from Rosedale Bible College

Join our campus community through weekly chapels at Rosedale Bible College. Hear from staff, faculty, and other guests on a variety of topics.

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Crash Course from Rosedale Bible College

Jeremy Miller (RBC President) sits down with RBC Professors with a simple goal: take an hour-long version of RBC an class. Ok… Maybe it’s not so simple… but there is a lot to learn, so hang on for the ride!

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Faith and Life from Rosedale Bible College

Conversations about faith, the church, and life in general. Join us as we discuss a variety of topics!

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Our podcasts were created as a way to share helpful information with friends and alumni of RBC. Get a glimpse of life on campus and join in on conversations with a variety of professionals and ministry leaders. We hope you enjoy these podcasts, and they challenge and encourage you in your daily walk. 

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New Programs Coming September 2020!

Rosedale School of Business and Leadership

Preparing kingdom workers to engage the marketplace with excellence and integrity.

Training in Ministry Distance Learning

An innovative approach to using distance learning tools to equip believers and churches for more effective ministry.

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