Chapels from Rosedale Bible College
Chapels from Rosedale Bible College
Following Up with Reuben Sairs

Reuben Sairs is a faculty member and Librarian at RBC and Associate Pastor at London Christian Fellowship.  He has a long history in church work as a pastor and in other roles. He loves to read, especially literary classics, and enjoys studying languages. He has spent recent years working on the Biblical languages. Reuben is married to Vicki and together they have 3 grown sons.  Although he grew up in the Pittsburgh area, he has lived in several other places including Mobile, AL for 13 years. RBC is grateful to have Reuben with us for so many years and the depth of knowledge he brings both as a professor and pastor.

Dorothy Plank (Student) and Ericka Byler (Enrollment Services) ask further questions about selecting a church and what it looks like to be involved in a healthy way.