Chapels from Rosedale Bible College
Chapels from Rosedale Bible College
Following Up with Les and Lori Miller

Les and Lori Miller are owners of 89 homes located in Ashland County, Ohio. They’ve been married for 22 years and have two daughters. Les has been in construction since the mid-90’s, and began running his own business in 2007. Lori later joined him as they began to develop and grow the business. They reflect on their journey as business owners and how they have seen God work through the growth of the company. According to the Millers, running a business is more than a checkbook, it’s about the relationships developed and operating in a way that advances the Kingdom.

RBC President, Jeremy Miller, and Enrollment Director, Ericka Byler, sit down with Les and Lori to continue the dialogue of running a family business and using it for the Kingdom.