Crash Course from Rosedale Bible College
Crash Course from Rosedale Bible College
A Crash Course on Core Christian Beliefs I

Jeremy (RBC President) and Matthew Cordella-Bontrager, or McB as he is referred to by RBC students, sit down to at least scratch the surface of some of the big questions covered in Core Christian Beliefs I.

Matt and his wife Rachel live with their two young children in a little old house — over 120 years old! That’s nearly as old as the four of them put together, multiplied by two. When not spending time with his family, working on the house, or teaching at Rosedale, Matt is likely reading or writing in connection with his doctoral studies. His primary research interest is the theology of vocation, or “calling.” Matt believes that the early Anabaptists offer the church a valuable perspective on this important topic. He hopes that his research will be valuable to Rosedale students who are listening for God’s call. In his free time, Matt enjoys homemade pasta and trips to the Michigan coast. (Each happens about once per year!)

Matt’s credentials: B.A. in Philosophy and English Literature; M.Div in History, Theology, and Ethics; Ph.D. in progress in Systematic Theology and Reformation Studies