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Web Research Resources
The World Wide Web has changed the process of research immensely. Good online research for classes will involve more than simple search engine searching. Only a small portion of all available electronic information is actually indexed by search engines.

We have found the following links to free sites to be helpful for our students’ research:

WorldCat is the world’s largest network of library content and services
Search for an item in libraries near you:

     Ohio Web Library     (How to Use OWL)

     The Bible Gateway

Various Mennonites sites

     Conservative Mennonite Conference

     Bible Views

     Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online.

Various E-text sites:

     Project Gutenberg

     The Christian Classics Ethereal Library

For help researching and writing papers at RBC, click here.

Paper Writing Resources

The resources collected here have been created especially for students at RBC who want to meet or exceed the minimum standards for one of the basic tasks of academic study—doing quality research and writing about it. Students can choose to get all the information in a single file, or work with each of the dozen component files in PDF or original formats linked in the table below.

A Thesis Statement: MS Word | PDF

Academic Writing: MS Word | PDF

Evaluating Websites: MS Word | PDF

Quick MLA 8 Guide: MS Word | PDF

Research Paper Format: MS Word | PDF

The Research Process: MS Word | PDF

Paper Writing Guides Compiled: PDF

Additional resources:

Dewey Decimal Handout

Videos On Using Your Account