Reuben Sairs

Faculty; Director of Library Services; TiM Instructor
Course(s): Introduction to World Religions; Introduction to Philosophy; Christian Apologetics; Anabaptism Today; Public Speaking; The Gospel of John; Introduction to the Biblical Languages; Bible Survey (TiM)
B.S. Pennsylvania State University; M.A. University of Mobile; M.L.I.S. Kent State University
Reuben does not come from the Christianized subculture--his upbringing and its environment were secular. Although he's been in the Mennonite world for a long time, his formative years as a Christian were spent in other groups. That said, I am committed and try to nurture an Anabaptist approach to faith. Before he went into ministry, the focus of his energies was in rock and folk music, where he had modest success and many great experiences. He is married to Vicki, and they have three grown sons. Reuben is currently on the pastoral team and London Christian Fellowship. Reuben loves teaching and believes strongly in education as a necessary part of growth in Christ. "It is the power of the classroom--the timeless human encounter of students who want to know and teachers who know the way to get them started that excites me most. Higher education is especially exciting because students are now at a stage when they have to process, sometimes disagree, analyze and learn to articulate ideas that drive the adult world. Even when it is messy, it can be wonderful, especially as you see a faith grow from childishness to maturity."

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