Jeremy Miller

B.A., B.S. Sterling College; M.A. Malone University
Jeremy and his wife Sarah are originally from the plains of Kansas and have been blessed with four children. They spent nearly 12 years in northeastern Ohio where he pastored Mennonite Christian Assembly. They love Christ and His body and have been called to equip those in the Kingdom of God for more effective service to the King. They cut firewood, enjoy their Burmese Mountain Dog, and love helping with the Kansas wheat harvest in the summer. Jeremy was once a student at Rosedale then went on to get his Bachelor's from Sterling College and Master's from Malone University. Jeremy loves getting to know students and watching God’s Spirit transform their lives. Additionally, it's hard for him to imagine a better group of people to work with. "The camaraderie of staff and faculty is rich and rewarding and our students benefit from a unified group of people who enjoy each other."

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