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Scholarship distribution begins May 1. Applications received prior to this date receive optimal consideration. Only accepted students at RBC may be eligible for these awards.

Merit Scholarships

Dean’s Scholarships are awarded automatically to qualifying sophomores as explained below, but freshmen who want to apply for the President’s Scholarship may want to notify the Scholarship Committee of their intention to submit an essay by checking the box below.

President’s Scholarship—$1000 for up to five non-transfer, incoming freshmen. Awarded on the basis of SAT (1240 minimum) or ACT (25 minimum) scores and an essay. Please send Twila Weber your essay of 600–800 words describing the educational and life experiences which have prepared you to make a significant contribution to the campus community of Rosedale Bible College. Preference is given to full-time, full-year students.
Dean’s Scholarship—$1000 for returning students who have earned at least 24 credits at RBC and register by May 1 for full-time study in the following academic year. Awarded to up to eight students in order of descending GPA (3.0 minimum).
Ministry Scholarships

This section has two parts. First check all the listed scholarships you believe you may be eligible to receive, then describe in the spaces provided the ministry connections on which your selections are based.

Short-Term Missions Scholarship—Scholarships of up to $1,500 for REACH participants and up to $1,000 for other short-term missions and service programs are available. Awards are pro-rated for length of service term, beginning with a minimum of six months. To qualify, students must begin their studies no more than 18 months after completing their service.
RI Scholarship—Scholarships of up to $4,500/year are available for long-term missionaries serving with RI and their dependent children. Scholarships of up to $3,000/year are available for full-time RI staff and their dependent children.
CMC Scholarship—Scholarships of up to $3,000/year are available for active ministers within CMC and their dependent children, and for full-time staff of CMC and their dependent children.
Other Ministry Scholarship—Scholarships of up to $1,500/year are available for active ministers, missionaries, and their dependent children who do not qualify for CMC or RI-related scholarships.
Additional Scholarships

Awards for the following scholarships are based solely or partly on our best efforts to determine financial need. Accordingly, applications for these scholarships are not complete without the financial information provided through completion of the FAFSA and VFAO interview (see links below). Note that these steps will take some time (and likely some research), should ideally be finished before May 1, and the links to them are also available at the financial aid section of the RBC website.
   •   Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
   •   Virtual Financial Aid Office (VFAO)

Financial Need—Open to all students demonstrating financial need.
Missions Scholarships—Preference will be given to students seeking the Associate Degree with a Missions Concentration.
By checking this box, I verify that, to the best of my knowledge, the information on this form is accurate and complete.

Please review your answers, and click the button below when you are ready to continue.

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