PHIL BARR (send email)
B.S. Leeds University, England; M.A. Leeds University; M.A. Cambridge University; M.Div. Eastern Mennonite Seminary; D.Min. Fuller Theological Seminary; continuing studies: School of World Mission, Fuller Theological Seminary; teacher and relief worker, southern Sudan, 1975-1978; missionary, Guatemala, 1980-1990; pastor, Allensville Mennonite Church, 1991-2002; interim academic dean, Rosedale Bible College, 2004-2005; faculty, Rosedale Bible College, 2005-2013; service assignment, Spain, Rosedale International, 2013—.

B.A. State University of New York; M.Div. Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary; Center for Community Justice, 2013-2015; development associate, Mennonite Mission Network, 2015-2017; faculty, RBC, 2019—.

  RICK GRIEST (send email)
B.S., M.B.A. Franklin University; certified registered corporate coach, Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC); Honda of America Mfg. (HAM), 1990-2019; organizational development, HAM, 2007-2019; director, RBC School of Business and Leadership, 2020—.

  JEREMY MILLER (send email)
B.A., B.S. Sterling College; M.A. Malone University; REACH team leader, Rosedale International, 2005-2006; senior pastor, Mennonite Christian Assembly, 2006-2018; president, RBC, 2018—.

  KENNETH MILLER (send email)
B.M.E. Ohio State University; M.S. Ohio State University; faculty, Shekinah Christian School, 1983-1986; teaching assistant, Ohio State University, 1986-1988; conductor of select vocal ensembles; worship leader, Shiloh Mennonite Church, 1982—; faculty, RBC, 1996—.

  RICH PEACHEY (send email)
B.A. Messiah College; M.S. Kutztown University of PA; software applications engineer, Agere Systems Inc., 2001-2007; senior staff engineer, LSI Corp., 2007-2014; pre-silicon validation engineer, Intel Corporation, 2014—.

  ANTHONY RIVERS (send email)
B.A. West Virginia Wesleyan College; M.S. The University of Dayton; Psy.D. Wright State University; case manager/service coordinator, Franklin County Board of Mental Retardation and Dev. Disabilities, 1997-2002; clinical psychologist, private practice, 2007—; director, Customized Behavioral Healthcare, 2012—; associate pastor, Agape Christian Fellowship of Hilliard, 2011—.

  REUBEN SAIRS (send email)
B.S. Pennsylvania State University; M.A. University of Mobile; M.L.I.S. Kent State University; pastor, Mobile Mennonite Church, 1989-1998; church planter, 1999-2002; teaching pastor, London Christian Fellowship, 2007—; faculty, RBC, 2002—.

  VICKI SAIRS (send email)
B.A.’s Pennsylvania State University; M.A. Pennsylvania State University; graduate teaching assistant, Pennsylvania State University; weekly columnist, Mobile Register, 1998–2002; director, Madison County Pregnancy Care Center, 2003–2005; communications, RBC, 2005-2020.

  CONRAD SHOWALTER (send email)
B.A. Ohio State University; M.S. Indiana University; teacher/administrator, Clinton Christian School, 1978– 2002; pastor, Siloam Fellowship, 1998–2011; licensed marriage and family therapist.

B.A. Ohio State University; M.A. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; doctoral studies, Ohio State University; service assignments with Rosedale International: Ecuador, 1984–1987, North Africa, 2008-2012; pastoral team member, Shiloh Mennonite Church, 1997-2008; academic dean, RBC, 1996–2008; president, RBC, 2013–2018; short-term assignments, China and Costa Rica, 2019—.

  LYNETTE SHOWALTER (send email)
B.A. Goshen College; M.S.W. Andrews University; licensed clinical social worker; home study specialist at Oaklawn Community Mental Health; private practice counselor.

  MATTHEW SHOWALTER (send email)
Diploma, Rosedale Bible College; B.A. Eastern Mennonite University; M.A. Asbury Theological Seminary; service assignments, Middle East, Rosedale International, 2000-2004; youth pastor, Bethel Mennonite Church, 2004-2010; high school Bible teacher, Sarasota Christian School, 2006-2011; dean of students, RBC, 2012—.

  DAVY SLABAUGH (send email)
B.S. Ohio State University; missionary, Middle East, EMM, 1995–1997; SEND department director, Rosedale International, 1997–2006; associate pastor, Agape Community Fellowship, 2011—.

  PHYLLIS SWARTZ (send email)
B.A. Antioch College; M.A. Ohio State University; Certification in Gifted Education, Ashland University; teacher for 30 years, gifted and talented and English at London City Schools; adult education at Madison Correctional Institution; Choral Camp coordinator, 1999–2007; curriculum development projects, Conservative Mennonite Conference.

  PHILIP WEBER (send email)
Diploma, Rosedale Bible College; B.A. Cedarville University; graduate studies, Asbury Theological Seminary; M.A. University of Mobile; administrative assistant/director of personnel services, Rosedale International, 1982-1985; church planting associate, 1985-1987; president, We Care Program, 1987-2001; academic dean, Rosedale Bible College, 2008—.

  BRIAN YODER (send email)
B.S. Urbana University; M.A. Urbana University; business/computer teacher, Urbana High School, 1996-2003; 7-12 computer/business teacher, Riverside MS/HS, 2003-2008; 6-12 computer/business teacher, West Liberty-Salem MS/HS, 2008—.

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