College Credit Plus

As an institution of higher education in the state of Ohio, Rosedale Bible College participates in the College Credit Plus program. 

Beyond the information below, we encourage interested students to visit the College Credit Plus homepage for more comprehensive information.

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Students are eligible to participate in CCP at Rosedale provided they meet state requirements for CCP participation, and are accepted as students according to Rosedale’s standard application procedures. Rosedale uses ACT or SAT scores to evaluate eligibility where a test score is required.

For more information about ODE eligibility requirements for CCP, click here.

Rosedale Bible College’s general requirements for admissions can be found here. Additionally, the entire process of application and admission at Rosedale is available here. Note that steps related to financial aid do not apply to students participating in College Credit Plus.

Within the framework of our orientation as a Bible College training kingdom workers, we also offer a number of general education courses that are designed to transfer easily to any program of study. The State of Ohio requires students participating in College Credit Plus to earn at least 15 credit hours in eligible Level I courses before progressing to Level II coursework. 

This is a list of courses we judge to fit the “transferable courses” criteria described by the state of Ohio Department of Education’s Ohio Transfer Module Guidelines and learning outcomes. Note that all of these courses are not available in any given term or academic year. Refer to our current course schedule to determine availability.

  1. Communication Courses
    1. Composition
    2. Creative Writing
    3. Public Speaking
  2. Humanities
    1. Introduction to Philosophy
    2. History of Western Civilization
    3. Introduction to Humanities
    4. Introduction to Literature
  3. Social Sciences
    1. Introduction to Sociology
    2. Introduction to Psychology
    3. Human Development
  4. . Math & Sciences
    1. Business Mathematics
    2. Computer Programming
    3. Introduction to Web Design
    4. College Algebra
    5. Statistics and Analysis
  5. Business
    1. Principles of Microeconomics
    2. Principles of Accounting
    3. Principles of Marketing
    4. Strategic Planning
  6. Music
    1. Introduction to Music Theory & Sight Singing

March 1
Deadline to submit an application for admission to Rosedale Bible College
Public school students can request an extended deadline. 

April 1
Deadline to submit the Intent to Participate Form to the State of Ohio
Private school/homeschool students: click here.
Public School students: see your guidance counselor.

Around May 15
Students receive award letters.
Please provide a copy of this award letter to your high school and to Rosedale Bible College.

August 15
Deadline for registration for Autumn courses.

December 1
Deadline for registration for Winter Term courses

February 1
Deadline for registration for Spring Semester courses.

Academic Advisors

The academic dean and the academic assistant/registrar (registrar@rosedale.edu) are available to help students understand their course options and plan a sustainable and beneficial program of dual-enrollment courses in CCP.

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