Associate Degree Requirements

(60 hours total)

Required Core Courses(39 hours)

Principles of Biblical Interpretation (3)     

Bible Survey I (2)     

Bible Survey II (2)

Bible Survey III (2)

Core Christian Beliefs I OR Core Christian Beliefs II (3)

Spiritual Formation (3)              

New Testament OR Old Testament Elective (3)

Christian Apologetics OR Introduction to World Religions (3)

Jesus and the Ethics of the Kingdom OR Mennonites, Anabaptists, & the Radical Reformation (3)

Public Speaking or Composition (3)

History of Western Civilization or History of Christianity I or II (3)

Introduction to Humanities or Introduction to Philosophy (3)

Introduction to Psychology or Introduction to Sociology (3)

College Algebra or Business Mathematics (3)

Student-Selected Courses (21 hours)

In consultation with their advisor, students select courses which maximize transfer potential in their chosen area of focus. There may be articulated pathways to specific college majors which provide guidance in course selection, or students may design their own collection of courses around their sense of call.

Students select seven courses (21 credit hours)

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With this option, students complete either the School of Business and Leadership Concentration or choose a collection of courses selected to build particular competencies, and not necessarily to transfer to a four-year program (though they may transfer well also). The School of Business and Leadership Concentration is mentioned on transcripts. Interest clusters are not.

Concentration in Business and Leadership (18 hours)

The Business and Leadership concentration provides an excellent foundation for students to move directly into a business management role or to further their studies in business and leadership. Students will gain practical knowledge of best practices in leadership, marketing and accounting, as well as helpful insight into theoretical frameworks for understanding accounting and business ethics. Viewing business as one expression of loving God and loving our neighbor is a driving value for this concentration.

The program contains courses in economics, marketing, accounting, planning, communication, and leadership, all from a Kingdom perspective.

In addition to the general objectives for the Associate in Biblical Studies degree, it is intended that study within this program will prepare students to:

  • Articulate a business vision and practice from a Kingdom mindset
  • Lead and manage business in harmony with biblical principles

Business and the Kingdom of God [Flagship Course] (3)

Principles of Accounting (3)

Introduction to Human Resources (3)

Leadership, Communication & Ethics (3)

Principles of Microeconomics (3)

Principles of Marketing (3)

(Articulated pathway to Bluffton University)
Old Testament (Genesis, Old Testament Poetry)
New Testament (Synoptics and Life of Christ, Romans, I Corinthians, Prison and Pastoral Epistles, Hebrews)
Introduction to Biblical Languages
Core Christian Beliefs I and II
Christian Apologetics
Anabaptism Today
Mennonites, Anabaptists, & the Radical Reformation
Jesus and the Ethics of the Kingdom
History of Christianity I and II
Introduction to Philosophy

Creative Writing
Introduction to Literature
Public Speaking

Introduction to Counseling
Preaching the Biblical Text

(Articulated pathways to Bluffton University, Indiana Wesleyan University,
and GBSC)
Introduction to Education
Human Development
The Exceptional Student

Introduction to Missions
Engaging Contemporary Culture
Christian Apologetics
Introduction to World Religions

(Articulated pathway to Indiana Wesleyan University)
Introduction to Music Theory & Sight Singing
Worship Leadership
Worship in the Christian Tradition
Rosedale Chorale
Salt & Light Co.

(Information Technology articulated pathway to Bluffton University)
Computer Programming
Introduction to Web Design
College Algebra
Business Math

(Articulated pathways to Bluffton University, Indiana Wesleyan University,
and Malone University)
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Counseling
Theology of Marriage & Human Sexuality
History of Western Civilization
Introduction to Sociology

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