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Winter Term

About Winter Term
Rosedale Bible College’s Winter Term is a six-week academic term taking place directly after the winter (Holiday) break. Running from early January to mid-February, the six week term is an opportunity for the college to offer courses by specialized faculty, and to welcome students who are unable to commit an entire semester or academic year to Biblical studies.
Winter Term Courses
Marriage and the Family
Conrad and Lynette Showalter
This course attempts to prepare young people for marriage and parenting from a Christian bias. Biblical principles are applied to courtship, the marriage commitment, and the nurture and discipline of children. In-class discussion and debates focus on problems of and answers to the deterioration of marriage and family relationships in Western civilization.
History of Christianity I
Philip Weber
Search through the record of fifteen centuries to follow the remarkable growth of the Christian church from its Palestinian Jewish beginnings to a dynamic—and diverse—worldwide faith. Trace the development of early and medieval Christian thought on themes relevant today, including how the church should relate to human government and culture. Become acquainted with the lives and thoughts of a fascinating variety of individuals who have followed Jesus in times and places very different from our own.
I Corinthians
Matthew Showalter
The purpose of this letter of Paul was to solve the problems and answer the questions that arose as the Corinthians sought to live together as God’s church in an evil setting. An exegetical study of the book will be incorporated with problem-solving techniques applicable today.
Introduction to Counseling
Conrad and Lynette Showalter
An exploration of the theory and practice of counseling based on biblical and psychological principles. This course addresses the assessment of problems and the initiation of needed change in those seeking help.

Philip Weber
This “book of beginnings” is foundational for understanding the rest of Scripture. Genesis introduces most of the vital doctrines of the Bible and speaks to fundamental questions about the nature of God and his relationship with the universe, particularly with the humans in it. The covenant God makes with Abraham introduces an increasingly personal focus as the story moves through the lives of Isaac, Jacob, and finally, Joseph. This course seeks to read Genesis with respect both for its divine inspiration and its creation as a document in the Ancient Near East. Genesis has stimulated a wide range of interpretations, and students will be encouraged to critically examine the options within an evangelical perspective.
Engaging Contemporary Culture
Hans Shenk
This course approaches the complex problem of Christian engagement with contemporary Western culture by drawing on examples from scripture, current cultural research, communication theory and case studies to equip students to better understand and minister to nonreligious persons in North America and Western Europe.
Winter Term Costs
Tuition per credit hour $280
Full-load tuition for Winter Term $1,680
Room and board $1,130
Winter Term fees $36
Per-academic year fees and deposits $155 
Total cost for Winter Term $3,001
Winter Term Schedule and Deadlines

December 18, 2017: Deadline for application and references

January 8, 2018: Classes begin

January 15: Classes dismissed

January 16-18: Spiritual Enrichment meetings

January 25-27: Rosedale Invitational high school basketball tournament

February 16: Final exams