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Dean of Students

A Welcome Message from Dean of Students Matt Showalter

Our vision and prayer here at Rosedale is that you will meet Jesus in new and profound ways. As the Dean of Students I continue to be amazed at God’s ongoing work of molding and shaping that He is doing in all of our lives. Through God’s grace, RBC is a place where you can grow in both your faith and your passion for His Kingdom.

Life together on campus is both exciting and challenging. The classes will stretch you and prepare you to serve Christ in the world. Learning to live in community will strengthen you and at times challenge you. That is why “grace” is the operative word around the student life team. As we strive to live lives of holiness in our walks as followers of Jesus, we want grace to season everything we do.

We are excited that you are considering our community as a place to lay a strong academic and spiritual foundation. I am convinced that while you study, serve, worship, pray and develop lifelong friends at RBC you will meet Christ and be transformed.

Rosedale has a Dean of Students and a Student Life Team in order to foster an environment of spiritual growth. That is our mandate. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (740)857-1311 or email me. We’d love for you join us in the journey!

Student Life Team

Emily Lehman
Women’s Resident Director

Darryn Byler
Men’s Resident Director
Ericka Byler
Women’s Resident Assistant
Michael Conte
Men’s Resident Assistant

Our framework

We understand that humans are created by God as relational beings. We need, seek, even crave, relationship. Our chapel services are designed in such a way as to foster relationship with Jesus. It is a chance for us to gather in community with each other as we focus our eyes on our creator. In a world that continually vies for our attention and can often distract us from walking as followers of Jesus, chapel is a time for us to reorient.

Chapel Goals

In light of this, chapel services endeavor to deepen our relationships with Christ. In chapel, He is our focus. There are times of teaching and worship. Some chapels are simply devoted to prayer. Though there are a variety of things that take place in chapel, the goal of each chapel is the same. We want to foster a deeper and deeper walk with Christ!


Explore (Community Service Program)

Our desire at RBC is to help prepare students to serve the church and the world. We believe exposing students to ways God is at work and getting them to participate is one way to prepare students.

That’s what Explore is! As part of the student experience at Rosedale, we ask students to be involved in a certain number of service opportunities. We see service in the church and in the world as part of our DNA. Because of that, students will be assigned to—or given the opportunity to choose—a ministry team and be involved in various service projects throughout the course of the academic year.

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