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Training in Ministry (TiM) is preparing Kingdom Workers in their home context – spiritually, academically, and personally. Our program is a practical and accredited distance learning program offered completely online by Rosedale Bible College.  

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You can discover our various Training in Ministry courses below. For each course you can view the syllabus and read about the instructor. Each course is designed to grow you personally, academically, and spiritually.

If you have already registered for a course, it is essential you download your syllabus before your course starts. You should have any required book or resource before the first day of your course.


TIM 105 God’s Mission and His Church
TIM 111 Congregational Counseling
TIM 112 Congregational Care
TIM 113 Congregational Gift Development
TIM 121 Discipling Others
TIM 122 Spiritual Formation
TIM 123 Leader Self Care
TIM 131 Biblical Interpretation and Study
TIM 132 Bible Survey
TIM 133 Anabaptist History and Theology
TIM 141 Church Administration
TIM 142 Leading Change
TIM 143 Public Ministry Skills
TIM 151 Assimilation
TIM 152 Church Growth
TIM 153 Church Multiplication


  Syllabus            Various Instructors 
  Syllabus            Shawn Otto Biography
  Syllabus            Preston Yoder Biography
  Syllabus            John Risner Biography
  Syllabus            Troy Landis Biography
  Syllabus            Jay Conn Biography
  Syllabus            Instructor Biography
  Syllabus             Leon Zimmerman Biography
  Syllabus            Reuben Sairs Biography
  Syllabus            Jon Showalter Biography
  Syllabus            Instructor Biography
  Syllabus            Instructor Biography
  Syllabus            Instructor Biography
  Syllabus            Instructor Biography
  Syllabus            Instructor Biography
  Syllabus            Instructor Biography

Love Your Neighbour hat.
A father and young children walking through a field.
Jack Sharp praying with students.
Hans Shenk.
Student worship band.
Jack Sharp praying with students.
Study group.

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