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The Fundamental Academic Task
Writing Papers

The resources on this page have been created especially for students at RBC who want to meet or exceed the minimum standards for one of the basic tasks of academic study—doing quality research and writing about it. Students can choose to get all the information in a single file, or work with each of the dozen component files in PDF or original formats linked in the table below.

PDF Format Originating Format
Writing Research Papers at RBC MS Word
The Research Process PowerPoint
Web Research PowerPoint
Academic Writing MS Word
Evaluating Web Sites MS Word
A Thesis Statement MS Word
Research Paper Format MS Word
Parenthetical Documentation MS Word
MLA Works Cited Page, Print Publications MS Word
MLA Works Cited Page, Print Publications (nonperiodicals) MS Word
MLA Works Cited Page, Web Publications MS Word
MLA Works Cited Page, Periodical Print Publications MS Word
All Files Combined

Additional resources:

Research Practice Form (Requires MS Word 2010)

Research Advice (for print sources)

Research Advice Powerpoint

Dewey Decimal Handout

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