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Federal and Ohio Aid

Pell Grant

  • A Federal Pell Grant, unlike a loan, does not have to be repaid. Pell Grants are awarded to undergraduate students who have not earned a bachelor’s or a professional degree.
  • The maximum award for the 2015-16 award year (July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016) is $5,775. The amount you get will depend not only on your financial need, but also on your status as a full-time or part-time student and your plans to attend school for a full academic year or less.
  • Go to fafsa.gov to apply.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG) are for undergraduates with exceptional financial need.
  • Just like Pell Grants, SEOGs don’t have to be paid back. You can receive up to $850 a year, depending on when you apply and your financial need.
  • Your FAFSA determines your eligibility for an SEOG. No further paperwork is required.

Federal Work Study (FWS)

  • Federal Work-Study (FWS) provides part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses.
  • Indicate on your FAFSA if you are interested in FWS.

Direct Loans

  • A subsidized loan is awarded on the basis of financial need. You won’t be charged any interest before you begin repayment or during deferment periods. The federal government “subsidizes” the interest during these periods.
  • An unsubsidized loan is not awarded on the basis of need. You’ll be charged interest from the time the loan is disbursed until it’s paid in full. If you allow the interest to accrue (accumulate) while you’re in school or during other periods of nonpayment, it will be capitalized. This means the interest will be added to the principal amount of your loan, and additional interest will be based on that higher amount.

Go to www.studentaid.ed.gov for more information about federal student aid.

Ohio College Opportunity Grant

  • This grant is for Ohio residents only.
  • The Ohio College Opportunity Grant Program (OCOG) provides need-based tuition assistance to undergraduate students from low and moderate income families. This program is intended to expand access to higher education by bringing the cost of college within reach of more Ohio families. Awards are based on family income with consideration given to the number of dependents in the family. Benefits are restricted to the student’s instructional and general fee charges.
  • If you are an Ohio resident, your FAFSA information will be given to the Ohio Board of Regents. No further paperwork is required. Your FAFSA must be received by October of the award year.
  • The OCOG award for the 2015-2016 year is $2,592.

Go to Ohio Board of Regents for more information about Ohio aid.

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