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Rosedale Bible College has worked diligently to keep tuition and fees at an affordable level. Generous contributions from alumni, friends of the school, and the churches of Conservative Mennonite Conference have helped to keep tuition and fees (including room and board) for a year at Rosedale at just over $14,000.

This level of cost is a real value in the current educational market. According to College Board, annual tuition and fees at RBC are approximately one-fourth of the average for 4-year private colleges (2014-2015).

The following table is an approximation of the costs to students who attend RBC for the full 2017–2018 academic year. Some cost components will vary significantly for each student.

RBC Costs for 2017—18 Academic Year
Tuition $8,400
Room and Board $5,650
Fees $331
Total $14,381

Breakdown of Direct Costs
Tuition and Board Fees
Tuition* $280 per hour
Credit hours above full load* $224 per hour
Performance credits (Chorale/Drama) $126 per hour
Official Audit (reported on transcript) $140 per hour
Unofficial Audit (not reported on transcript) $70 per hour
(*A full load of twelve hours per semester and six hours per winter term is required for dorming students: exceptions for lighter loads-credit or audit-will be billed at the full rate.)
Room & Board per semester $2,260
Room & Board for winter term $1,130

Miscellaneous Fees
Application fee (first time students) $50
(A late fee of $75 will be assessed if the application is received less than three weeks before the beginning of classes.)
Annual matriculation fee $55
(Once-per-year fee for each incoming student)
Activity fee (per semester) $35
Activity fee (winter term) $18
Graduation fee $75
Room deposit fee $100
(Refundable upon completion of RBC studies, pending successful room inspection.)
Technology fee (per semester) $35
Technology fee (winter term) $18

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