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Application and Policy Procedure for International Students

The following steps provide a checklist for applying for admission at Rosedale Bible College.

  1. The application form can be downloaded or completed online. Complete the application in order to begin the process.

      With the application please include:
    1. An application fee of $95.00 (U.S. funds — Non Refundable).
    2. A transcript from high school.
    3. Transcripts from any studies beyond high school.
    4. Verification of English proficiency. This can be a grade report of the applicant’s highest level of study in English, or a letter from an acceptable reference certifying the applicant’s proficiency in English reading, writing, and conversation.
    5. Three references. The applicant will list three references and their email addresses on the application for admission, and the college will contact the references to have them complete an online reference.

  2. The applicant must provide verification of finances for his time of study here. Financial verification consists of:
    1. A letter and/or affidavit of support from the applicant or a sponsor stating responsibility to pay for all expenses during the period of enrollment.
    2. Current bank statements (from the past 6-12 months) from the applicant or a sponsor with enough funds to pay for at least one year of schooling.
    3. Letter of employment from the sponsor's employer stating monthly income thereby demonstrating that money will be coming in throughout the year to pay for the applicant&squo;s expenses.
    4. Documentation showing assets, i.e.: investments and property.

  3. After the application process is completed and the applicant has received a letter of acceptance, a deposit fee equal to 50% of full-time tuition and room and board for one semester is due. The deposit is required before an I-20 will be issued. The applicant will then need to pay a $200 I-901 fee after the I-20 is issued but before he applies for a visa.
    NOTE: If a visa cannot be obtained, the deposit will be refunded in full upon receipt of the original I-20 previously sent.

  4. Fees are due upon arrival on campus. Expenses for the 2017-18 school year are as follows:
    School Fees
    Tuition $8,400.00
    Room & Board $5,650.00
    Activity Fee $88.00
    Matriculation Fee $55.00
    Room Deposit Fee (refundable) $100.00
    Technology Fee $88.00
         Total School Fees $14,381.00
    Other Expenses
    Personal Expenses $625.00*
    Textbooks $550.00*
    Medical Insurance (required) $500.00
         *This total may vary depending on class selection and personal needs.
    Total to bring to RBC $16,056.00

  5. Students staying for two years must also be prepared to meet their own expenses during the summer. A minimum of $2000 is suggested.

  6. Students are required to have round-trip airline tickets.

  7. Entry points for international students are September (Fall Semester) and January (Winter Term). If the application process is not completed and you are not in the U.S. by Winter Term (January), your application will be processed for the following school year beginning in September.

Work Opportunities:
Students on F-l visas may work only for the school where they are admitted for study. Rosedale Bible College has limited employment.

Other Schooling Options:
Sometimes it is very difficult for international students to get a visa to study in the United States. We encourage you to check into opportunities in your country or in your area of the world. Some schools in the U.S. offer online courses. If you are interested in that option, write to the following address for a listing of Bible colleges:

Association for Biblical Higher Education
5850 T.G. Lee Blvd., Ste. 130
Orlando, FL 32822
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