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Why Rosedale?

Why choose Rosedale Bible College? As you evaluate your college options, here are some Rosedale advantages you may want to consider.

A sure foundation

Rosedale is a great place to make sure that the foundation of your faith is firmly established in the truth of God’s word while you sort out your career/professional goals or at the start of your already defined academic pursuits.

The decisive impact of the first year of college on student religious commitment is explored in a published survey by Steve Henderson.

You can attend Rosedale for under $6,000 per semester and under $3,000 for the six-week winter term—that’s just over $14,000 for a full academic year! Costs at liberal arts colleges are often double that amount.

Engaging Curriculum 

You can choose from a variety of classes relevant to life, work, ministry and future study, including Bible, theological, and practical Christian living courses and general education offerings.

Dynamic Faculty

Our instructors are not only qualified to teach classes: they have real world experience in ministry, mission and other workplaces.

Academic Excellence

Rosedale has earned accreditation with the Association for Biblical Higher Education and is authorized to award the associate degree. Most Christian colleges and many state universities will accept applicable Rosedale credits for transfer. The academic office conducted a survey of alumni in 2006 and compiled a list of public and private colleges that have accepted RBC credits.

Spiritual Nurture

Spiritual formation is not only built into the curriculum, it is a part of the goal for a multitude of extracurricular activities including short-term mission trips, drama productions, and ministry formation opportunities.

A Lively Social Life

While competing intensely in the gym, talking late into the night with roommates, participating in a student prayer group, singing in Chorale, or hanging out in the coffee shop, you can make many great friends for life.

Homeschooled Students

Rosedale Bible College affirms the values which lead some families to educate their children at home, and welcomes applications from students who have been homeschooled. Students who have completed the equivalent of four years of high school simply follow the normal application process. Start the application process.

In the absence of an official high school transcript, parents need to supply a list/description of subjects studied as well as any grades or evaluations which were given for those studies. Questions regarding the details of this course listing may be addressed to the registrar.

Rosedale also welcomes students to apply during their senior year of high school if they will be at least seventeen years of age when they enroll. In such cases, the admissions committee gives extra attention to personal references in an attempt to assess the student’s maturity and preparedness to join the Rosedale community. Accepted students who have not completed high school will be admitted on a probationary basis.

Check out this profile of several home schooled RBC alumni.

Admissions FAQ

Q:           I have a disability. Will Rosedale make accommodations for me?
A:            Students with disabilities are welcome to attend RBC. Accommodations are made on an individual basis depending on each student’s needs. For individual questions and concerns, please contact our student life office here.

Q:           What are the application/registration deadlines?
A:            If you apply later than 3 weeks prior to the beginning of a study term, you will need to pay a $75 late fee. If you apply later than 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the study term, we cannot guarantee that your application will be processed in time and that you will be accepted for that term. Returning students may register up until 1 week prior to the beginning of the term of study; however, the $75 late fee still applies.

Q:           What admissions requirements are necessary to enroll at RBC?
A:            While SAT and ACT scores are helpful, they are not required for admission to Rosedale Bible College. The primary criteria for admission are a loyal devotion to Christ and willingness to cooperate with the guidelines of the school. High school graduation or a GED diploma is required for normal admission. Others may be admitted on academic probation.

Q:           Can I change my course registration later if I change my mind?
A:            Students have until 4:00 p.m. on the second class day of each study term to make changes in their course schedule.

Q:           I took several courses elsewhere—can I transfer them into my program at RBC?
A:            Students who are enrolled in the degree program at RBC may request a transfer of credit from other colleges. Requests must be made to the Academic Office. Your official transcript from the previous college must be received and reviewed. Courses need a grade of C or higher to be eligible for transfer.

Q:           Can I register for classes before I’m accepted as a student?
A:            You may submit your course registration form along with your application. You will not be officially registered for those courses, however, until you are accepted as a student.

Q:           What is the difference between an official and an unofficial audit?
A:            Audits are typically taken as an overload for personal enrichment. Official audits require the student to read the text(s) and attend 85–90% of classes. These audits appear on the student’s transcript. Unofficial audits include no requirements and do not appear on transcripts.

Q:           How long will it take to process my application?
A:            It typically takes 3 weeks to process an application once it is received. The length of time can increase due to late transcripts or references.

Q:           Can I fax my application materials?
A:            You may fax your application materials to 877-857-1312 to speed up the application process. We do not begin processing an application until payment of the application fee has been received. If you apply online and have a credit card, you can also make your application fee payment online.

Q:           Why doesn’t “Rosedale Chorus” or “Rosedale Chorale” show up on my course registration sheet?
A:            The Rosedale Chorus, which rehearses during the fall semester, is an extracurricular activity which you will need to officially sign up for at the beginning of the semester. The Rosedale Chorale is a select group with auditions held at the beginning of the winter term. Once auditions have been held, the course will be added to each participant’s schedule.

Q:           When is payment due?
A:            Tuition and fees are billed for one study semester or term at a time. Payment is due the first Friday of each term of study.

Q:           Can I pay my bill by credit card?
A:            We are not currently accepting credit cards except for online application fee payments. Payment should be made by check or money order.

Q:           Is there an ATM on campus?
A:            There are no ATMs on campus. The accountant will cash checks for students or hold money on deposit for withdrawal.

Q:           Is there lodging on campus for my family when they pick me up/drop me off?
A:            Occasionally there will be space available on campus for family members to rent (contact Bethany Geib).

Q:           What will my address be?
A:            Mail can be sent in your name to 2270 Rosedale Road, Irwin, OH 43029.
Main Office/Emergencies: 740-857-1311

Q:           Am I allowed to bring a car? Will I be able to manage without a car?
A:            Students are allowed to bring their cars to campus. Students without cars are usually able to find rides to town, church, etc., with other students or staff.

Q:           What size are the dorm beds?
A:            Twin sized bunks.

Q:           Am I allowed to bring a microwave/fridge/coffeepot/toaster, etc., for my dorm room?
A:            A microwave, refrigerator, and toaster are available in each dorm lounge area for students to use. Coffee is available in the cafeteria or coffee shop. Due to limited room space and electrical overloads, bringing these appliances is discouraged.

Q:           Are there computers available on campus?
A:            Yes, computers are located in the student computer lab, the library, and in each dorm lounge.

Q:           Is the internet available on campus?
A:            Yes. There is wireless internet access available in the administrative/chapel/library building. It is also available after class hours in the classroom building.

Q:           May I bring my own computer?
A:            Students are allowed to bring personal computers with them to campus.

Q:           Can I request a roommate?
A:            Yes. A Roommate Selection Questionnaire is mailed in each acceptance packet. Requests are honored at the discretion of the Resident Directors.

Q:           When will I know who my roommate is?
A:            Roommates are assigned one week prior to the beginning of the study term. Unless you request a specific roommate, students will find out the dorm assignments once they arrive on campus.

Q:           Am I allowed to go home on the weekends?
A:            Students may leave campus for the weekend after communication with their Resident Director.

Q:           Am I allowed to have an off-campus job?
A:            Students may work off-campus as long as the job does not interfere with their course schedule. Jobs lasting beyond dorm time must be approved by the Dean of Students.

Q:           Can I have visitors during the term?
A:            Students need to inform their Resident Director of expected visitors and receive approval. Visitors must pay for lodging and any meals eaten on campus.

Q:           Will my mail be forwarded to me after I leave RBC?
A:            Yes, RBC will forward your mail for up to one year with the provision of a current mailing address.

International Students

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Application and Policy Procedure for International Students

The following steps provide a checklist for applying for admission at Rosedale Bible College.

  1. The application form can be downloaded or completed online. Complete the application in order to begin the process.
    With the application please include:
    1. An application fee of $95.00 (U.S. funds — Non Refundable).
    2. A transcript from high school.
    3. Transcripts from any studies beyond high school.
    4. Verification of English proficiency. This can be a grade report of the applicant’s highest level of study in English, or a letter from an acceptable reference certifying the applicant’s proficiency in English reading, writing, and conversation.
    5. Three references. The applicant will list three references and their email addresses on the application for admission, and the college will contact the references to have them complete an online reference.
  2. The applicant must provide verification of finances for his time of study here. Financial verification consists of:
    1. A letter and/or affidavit of support from the applicant or a sponsor stating responsibility to pay for all expenses during the period of enrollment.
    2. Current bank statements (from the past 6-12 months) from the applicant or a sponsor with enough funds to pay for at least one year of schooling.
    3. Letter of employment from the sponsor’s employer stating monthly income thereby demonstrating that money will be coming in throughout the year to pay for the applicant&squo;s expenses.
    4. Documentation showing assets, i.e.: investments and property.
  3. After the application process is completed and the applicant has received a letter of acceptance, a deposit fee equal to 50% of full-time tuition and room and board for one semester is due. The deposit is required before an I-20 will be issued. The applicant will then need to pay a $200 I-901 fee after the I-20 is issued but before he applies for a visa.
    NOTE: If a visa cannot be obtained, the deposit will be refunded in full upon receipt of the original I-20 previously sent.
  4. Fees are due upon arrival on campus. Expenses for the 2017-18 school year are as follows:
    School Fees
    Tuition $8,400.00
    Room & Board $5,650.00
    Activity Fee $88.00
    Matriculation Fee $55.00
    Room Deposit Fee (refundable) $100.00
    Technology Fee $88.00
         Total School Fees $14,381.00
    Other Expenses
    Personal Expenses $625.00*
    Textbooks $550.00*
    Medical Insurance (required) $500.00
         *This total may vary depending on class selection and personal needs.
    Total to bring to RBC $16,056.00
  5. Students staying for two years must also be prepared to meet their own expenses during the summer. A minimum of $2000 is suggested.
  6. Students are required to have round-trip airline tickets.
  7. Entry points for international students are September (Fall Semester) and January (Winter Term). If the application process is not completed and you are not in the U.S. by Winter Term (January), your application will be processed for the following school year beginning in September.

Work Opportunities:
Students on F-l visas may work only for the school where they are admitted for study. Rosedale Bible College has limited employment.

Other Schooling Options:
Sometimes it is very difficult for international students to get a visa to study in the United States. We encourage you to check into opportunities in your country or in your area of the world. Some schools in the U.S. offer online courses. If you are interested in that option, write to the following address for a listing of Bible colleges:

Association for Biblical Higher Education
5850 T.G. Lee Blvd., Ste. 130
Orlando, FL 32822

Discover Rosedale

Discover Rosedale is a chance to make the college selection process enjoyable. Discover is a weekend for high school students to spend some time on campus, get to know our community, and evaluate Rosedale Bible College as an option for higher education. The weekend starts on Thursday evening, and ends on Saturday morning.

In between, students sit in on classes, worship with us in our chapel, get information about Rosedale’s unique identity and approach, meet faculty and administration, and participate in special events on Friday evening.

To find out more about Discover Rosedale, click here.

Request More Information

The 10 Steps to Enrolling at Rosedale Bible College
  1.  Complete a High School diploma or GED.
    You’ll need a GED or diploma to get Federal and State Financial Aid. You also need to have a GED or diploma  for normal enrollment at Rosedale Bible College, although in special cases students without a GED may enroll on Academic Probation.
  2. Submit an online application for admission.
    If possible, do this before May 30 of the year you’re planning to enroll. In other words, if you plan to enroll in September 2024, it’s best to apply before May 30, 2024. We award in-house scholarships beginning June 1, and you must be accepted as a student and complete the RBC Scholarship Application and Free Application for Federal Student Aid in order to be considered.
  3. Submit a current photo of yourself and pay your application fee.
    We need these to finish processing your application. You can pay your application fee online or mail a check to our office. You’ll see the details in the form.
  4. Submit a Rosedale Bible College Scholarship Application.
    Again, it’s best to do this step before May 30, but even if you miss May 30, you still need to fill out the Rosedale Scholarship Application. When you fill out your application for admission, your browser will go directly from that application to the scholarship application.
  5. Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
    The FAFSA is the single most important step in assuring that you receive all the federal and/or state financial aid for which you’re eligible.
  6. Complete an online interview with the the Virtual Financial Aid Office.
    This interview helps us expand on the financial aid information from your FAFSA. You can’t finish the financial aid process without completing your interview. Click here.
  7. Contact your high school, and any college you may have previously attended, and ask for your transcripts to be sent to Rosedale Bible College.
    Find the details here.
  8. Complete a class registration form for the term you plan to enroll in.
    The registrar will send you a link to this registration form after your application is accepted.
  9. Follow up on any additional instructions you receive from the Office of Financial Aid or the Registrar.
    Every college applicant has a unique situation, and occasionally, we–or one of the other organizations involved in the application process–will need a document or form that isn’t listed here. Don’t worry–we’ll tell you what you need to do, or what we need from you.
  10. If you’re confused about something, ask!
    We’re here to help. If you get confused, don’t stop, and don’t wait. Just email admissionsfinancial aid, or the registrar.