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Preaching the Biblical Text

RBC is offering at no cost a podcast and other resources from the class VPS214 PREACHING THE BIBLICAL TEXT. This class, taught by Reuben Sairs, is for all persons who think preaching may be in their future, or are just starting out and want some basic training, but seasoned preachers can also find some useful content here. The material is free to be used however you see fit.

The class examines the preacher's calling, relationship to the Bible and role in the congregation, and builds on those foundations to study how to develop and deliver sermons. Students will have critical listening assignments and will practice preaching as part of the class.

Class audio files will be posted as they become available. The course is conducted on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule.

If you have questions or comments about this page or the course, please email us. Enjoy!

Open letter to podcast listeners

General Course Materials

Course Syllabus Weekly Assignment Weekly Assignment Form

NOTE: Some audio files prior to Class 8 have intermittent noises (or tiny skips where we deleted the noise!) caused by a faulty component we had difficulty tracing. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to listeners.

Week One

Class 1 DownloadClass 1 ListenSelect Bibliography

Class 2 DownloadClass 2 Listen

Week Two

Class 3 DownloadClass 3 ListenWorley HandoutInductive/Deductive
Craddock InterviewSelect Bibliography

Class 4 DownloadClass 4 ListenStott HandoutYou May Not Like This
Preaching in the New Testament

Class 5 DownloadClass 5 Listen

Week Three

Class 6 DownloadClass 6 ListenBible ToolsAdditional Notes
Exegesis and Hermeneutics

Class 7 DownloadClass 7 Listen

Class 8 DownloadClass 8 Listen

Week Four

Class 9 DownloadClass 9 Listen

Class 10 DownloadClass 10 ListenPreparing for Preaching

Week Five

Class 11 DownloadClass 11 Listen

Class 12 DownloadClass 12 Listen

Class 13 DownloadClass 13 ListenLinks to Articles

Week Six

Class 14 DownloadClass 14 Listen

Class 15 DownloadClass 15 Listen

Class 16 DownloadClass 16 ListenChildren's HomiliesPreparation Tips
Edwards HandoutSample Video

Week Seven

Class 17 DownloadClass 17 Listen

Class 18 DownloadClass 18 ListenDumbing Down Preaching

Mid-Term Study Guide

Week Eight

Class 19 DownloadClass 19 ListenAndragogy Video

Class 20 DownloadClass 20 ListenPowerPoint and Preaching
Relevant, Not Dumbed Down

Class 21 DownloadClass 21 Listen

Week Nine

Class 22 DownloadClass 22 Listen

Greetings to all those who may be listening to our preaching class online. As we’ve come closer to the end of class, things have changed a little. More time is being spent on student presentations and discussing them. The workshop nature of this part of the class probably doesn’t lend itself to recording, or listening to recordings. We will be recording only parts of classes now: those that have more objective content. We also hope to finish Haddon Robinson’s textbook and at least one more class handout, and we will record those classes. -Reuben Sairs

Week Ten

Class 23 DownloadClass 23 Listen

Week Eleven

Class 26 DownloadClass 26 Listen

Week Twelve

Class 28 DownloadClass 28 Listen

Rhetoric and PersuasionThe Homiletical PlotVoice PowerPoint

Class 29 DownloadClass 29 Listen

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