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December 2017 — When Christmas Comes,*  by Phyllis Swartz

November 2017 — Who Is My Neighbor,*  by Vicki Sairs

October 2017 — October! It’s Time for Pastor’s (Wife) Appreciation (of her church!),*  by Brenda Zook

September 2017 — Friday Night with RBC,*  by Vicki Sairs

August 2017 — Untouchable,*  by Steven Payne

July 2017 — A Soft Place to Land,*  by Vicki Sairs

July 2017 — The LCF Connection,*  by Vicki Sairs

June 2017 — Rosedale Bible College interns live and work with Muslim neighbors,*  by Tonya Slaubaugh

June 2017 — The Riverview International Center: A Gift of Welcome,*  by Tonya Slaubaugh

May 2017 — Sociology at RBC: Seeing Ourselves More Clearly,*  by Phil Weber

April 2017 — Opening the Doors for Worship,*  by Reuben Sairs

March 2017 — Mentoring the “Church of Now”,*  by Amanda Weber Miller

February 2017 — Let the Color Live On,*  by Liz Yoder

January 2017 — What Can You See With the Eyes of Faith,*  by Reuben Sairs


December 2016 — When Your Queen Moves Your Cheese,*  by Justin Stauffer

November 2016 — Columbus Sits On Our Doorstep,*  by Vicki Sairs with Tonya Slaubaugh

October 2016 — Living the Life of RBC and RMM,*  by Vicki Sairs

August 2016 — Inching Us Closer to Wholeness,*  by Jason Ropp

July 2016 — Something Mean in the World that I Could Not Stop,*  by Vicki Sairs

June 2016 — Who Wants to Move to Flint, Michigan?,*  by Vicki Sairs

May 2016 — From CMC to MWC,*  by Larissa Swartz

April 2016 — Let’s Own it!,*  by Vicki Sairs

March 2016 — Journalist Urges RBC Students to Take Risks,*  by Vicki Sairs

February 2016 — May the Lord Protect and Defend You: RBC Presents Fiddler on the Roof,*  written and compiled by Vicki Sairs

January 2016 — Listening for the Song of the Dove: Bethel Camp Writers’ Retreat,*  written and compiled by Vicki Sairs


December 2015 — When God Puts Something in Your Heart,*  by Vicki Sairs & Andrew Sharp

November 2015 — More Than Just Food,*  by Amanda Miller

October 2015 — Hiding from the Landlord: Thoughts on Spiritual PTSD,*  by Jason Ropp

September 2015 — 2014 Annual Conference Recap,*  by Vicki Sairs

August 2015 — Little House in a Small City and In the Waiting Room,*  by Lydia Gingerich

July 2015 — Overcoming Dependency and Thank You for Coming to Africa,*  by Vicki Sairs (Overcoming) and Jewel Showalter (Thank You)

June 2015 — Not Just Classroom Stories,*  by Vicki Sairs

May 2015 — From Pain to Freedom,*  by Alicia Yoder

April 2015 — RBC Students Warmly Welcome in Europe,*  by Vicki Sairs

February 2015 — Unexpected Turns,*  by Vicki Sairs

January 2015 — Walking With God,*  by Vicki Sairs


December 2014 — A Peaceful Moment and Pointing to Heaven,*  by Vicki Sairs

November 2014 — Rosedale Bible College Inaugurates Jon Showalter as Eighth President,*  by Vicki Sairs

October 2014 — I Never Met George Brunk,*  by Jon Showalter

September 2014 — 2014 Annual Conference Recap,*  by Conrad Showalter

August 2014 — Bridge: Where the Classroom and the Real World Meet,*  by Vicki Sairs

July 2014 — Kingdom Come,*  by Vicki Sairs

June 2014 — Kenya was a World of Color,*  by Anita Garber

May 2014 — A Seat At the Table,*  by Alice Colegrove

April 2014 — God Is Changing Our Students,*  by Vicki Sairs

March 2014 — Art on Trial,*  by Jason Ropp with Ruthie Voth, Shirley M. Miller, and Andrew Sharp

February 2014 — Two Poems,*  by Ruthie Voth


December 2013 — The Christmas Wish,*  by Andrew Sharp

November 2013 — Eppes Neues in Boston,*  by Vicki Sairs

October 2013 — The Question: What Can Any of Us Really Do to Help Others?,*  by Amanda Weber Miller

September 2013 — Annual Conference Synopsis: "Crossing the Great Divide: CMC Young People & the Journey into Faithful Adulthood",*  by Vicki Sairs

August 2013 — Crossing the Great Divide: CMC Young People & the Journey into Faithful Adulthood,*  by Dan Ziegler

July 2013 — Hitting the Sweet Spot with the Kenya Redsox,*  by Vicki Sairs

June 2013 — Seriously Blessed,*  by Vicki Sairs

May 2013 — Mysterious Forces and Never Surrender,*  by Vicki Sairs

April 2013 — Surprised by America, Surprised by God,*  by Vicki Sairs

March 2013 — What I Would Change About the Church,*  by Jason Ropp

February 2013 — Choral Camp: Helping the Church Get Its Voice Back,*  by Vicki Sairs

January 2013 — Thirteen Ways to See,*  by Megan Troyer


December 2012 — Let's Go See Jesus Again,*  by Ruthie Voth

November 2012 — Living Green, Loving God: Praising God through Creation Care,*  by Amanda Miller

October 2012 — Criticizing the Mirror,*  by Andrew Sharp

September 2012 — I Shall Not Perish,*  by Conrad Showalter

August 2012 — Left Behind?,*  by Vicki Sairs

July 2012 — It's Opener There in the Wide Open World,* RBC commencement overview

June 2012 — Living in a Bigger World,*  by Vicki Sairs

May 2012 — The Tractor and the Field,*  by Spencer Lehman

April 2012 — Real Friendship and Hints of Eternity,*  by Jason Ropp

March 2012 — RBC's 60th Anniversary Celebration*

February 2012 — Sister Love,*  by Kristen Graber

January 2012 — We're All in This Together,*  by Andrew Sharp


December 2011 — Unto Thais a Child is Born,*  by Candice Mast

November 2011 — Loving in Deed and Truth,*  by Matthew and David Wolfer

October 2011 — All I Know is that Every Time I Go to Africa, I am Shaken to my Core,*  by Phil Weber

September 2011 — Christian Education Focus,*  by Conrad Showalter

August 2011 — Where is the 'Good' in Goodbye,*  by Ceclia Aslan

July 2011 — We Have Changed Together,*  by Jason Rueger

July 2011 — Called to Speak the Truth in Love,*  by Elmer Lehman

June 2011 — Two Months at 12,000 Feet,*  by Vicki Sairs

June 2011 — What I Learned in Eight Weeks in Bolivia,*  by Reuben Sairs

May 2011 — A New Rosedale Experience,*  by Vicki Sairs

April 2011 — RBC, RMM, RIC, and...Juggling?,*  by LaMar Yoder

March 2011 — Still Changing: RBC Plans for a New Student Center,*  by Andrew Sharp

February 2011 — Providential Seeds,*  by Dale Keffer

January 2011 — Atonement, Salvation and the Kingdom,*  by Vicki Sairs


December 2010 — How Far is it to Bethlehem?,*  by Brenda Zook

November 2010 — A Question of Power,*  by Dan Ziegler

October 2010 — Roosters, Refractors and Eskimo Ice Cream,*  by Kristen Graber

August 2010 — Missionaries with Satellite TV,*  by Jason Ropp

July 2010 — Bwana Asifiwe!,* introducing RBC's Cross-Cultural Grant

June 2010 — Still Laying a Sure Foundation,*  by present and former faculty and staff

May 2010 — Riding in Chariots, Pointing to Jesus,*  by Vicki Sairs

April 2010 — On the Path with the Potato Donkey,*  by Vicki Sairs

March 2010 — Can We Talk About Torture?,*  by Vicki Sairs

March 2010 — Committed to Peace,*  interview with Nick Seney

February 2010 — If You Want to Lead Others, Lead Yourself First,*  by Vicki Sairs

January 2010 — Reaching Out Without Selling Out,*  by Vicki Sairs


December 2009 — Eleventh Hour,*  by Marina Lehman

November 2009 — Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters,*  by Erma Miller

October 2009 — Always Say Goodnight,*  by Stefanie Yoder

September 2009 — The Challenge of Change,*  by Conrad Showalter

August 2009 — Making Peace in the Abortion War,*  by Vicki Sairs

July 2009 — Graduation at Rosedale,*  by Vicki Sairs

June 2009 — "I'm Looking at You!",*  by Vicki Sairs

May 2009 — A Little Bit of Community,*  by Vicki Sairs

April 2009 — Romans, Radicals and Doing Right,*  by Vicki Sairs

March 2009 — Messy Evangelism,*  by Jason Ropp

February 2009 — Living Positively in Kenya,*  by Stephanie Harnish

January 2009 — Following Christ in a Pluralistic World,*  by Vicki Sairs


December 2008 — This Year, Give the Kids a Biblically Literate Christmas,*  by Phyllis Swartz

November 2008 — What Can We Learn from this Father and Son,*  by David R Swartz

October 2008 — Passing on the Torch of Faith,*  by Tim and Lynette Schrader

September 2008 — New Context, Same Focus,*  by Daniel Ziegler

August 2008 — He Preserves Both Man and Beast,*  by Vicki Sairs

July 2008 — The World Tipped,*  by LaBreeska Sensenig

June 2008 — "It Looks Like a 200-Watt View!",*  by Vicki Sairs

May 2008 — Life Outside the Bubble,*  by Andrew Sharp

April 2008 — Hard Questions in Difficult Times,*  by Jon Showalter

March 2008 — Marketing as Christ's Ambassadors,*  by Jesse Mast

February 2008 — Rediscovering Jesus,*  by Dennis Stauffer

January 2008 — Living Out the Kingdom in the 21st Century,*  by Vicki Sairs and Jon Showalter


December 2007 — Uncontrollable Mystery on a Bestial Floor,*  by Vicki Sairs

November 2007 — Struggling Brothers,*  by Kathleen Shank

October 2007 — The Dungeon and the Cathedral,*  by Matthew Plett

October 2007 — Standing Where the Anabaptist Martyrs Stood,*  by Kimberly Miller, Brittany Tull, Justin Yoder

September 2007 — Investing in the Lives of our Sons and Daughters,*  by Vicki Sairs

August 2007 — Show Me the Way to Go Home,*  by Queena Mast

July 2007 — What Are You Going to Make of All These Memories?,*  by Ethan Mast

June 2007 — Are We Losing Our Peace Position?,*   by Kevin D. Miller

May 2007 — Bangles, Bracelets, and Building Bridges to the Kingdom,*  by Sara Mast

March 2007 — Truth Will Show Itself — Trusting in the Power of God's Word,*  by Tama Shoemaker

February 2007 — Putting Word and Deed Back Together Again,*  by Vicki Sairs

January 2007 — Engaging the Culture: Mennonites Can Do It, Too,*  by Reuben Sairs


December 2006 — Listening to the Christmas Bells With Longfellow,*  by Megan Donahue

November 2006 — 'A Place Where Music is Cool . . . ' — RBC Choral Camp,*  by Vicki Sairs

October 2006 — Evangelical Anabaptism — What are We Talking About, Anyway,*  by Vicki Sairs

August 2006 — Letting Our Children Go,*  by Carolyn Beachy

July 2006 — 'This is One Thing I Can Control',*  by Liz Glick and Midori Beachy

June 2006 — Where Are All the Christian Novelists?,*  by Megan Donahue

June 2006 — Here's One! Is There a Balm in Gilead?,*  by Brenda Zook

May 2006 — Wow, I'm Not in Turkey Anymore!,  compiled by Vicki Sairs

April 2006 — Hearts Poured Out: Two Stories From China,*  by Dawn Yutzy Showalter

March 2006 — A Journey and a Quest (Inaugural Address),*  by Daniel Ziegler

January/February 2006 — RBC Faculty Profiles*,  by Vicki Sairs


December 2005 — The Christmas Truce,*  by Vicki Sairs

November 2005 — The Song Goes On,* by  Ken Miller

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