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Q: How many students currently attend Rosedale?

A: There are between 50 and 70 students on campus at any given time, depending on the term.

Q: How does Rosedale uphold the Mennonite faith/tradition?

A: RBC professors are all Mennonites who affirm the Conservative Mennonite Conference (CMC) statement of faith and who teach strongly from an Anabaptist faith perspective. This includes a focus on Anabaptist themes like believer's church, discipleship, non-resistance, simplicity, non-conformity, New Testament finality, and the centrality of Christ. The inspiration and authority of scripture serves as the basis for these teachings.

Q: What can I do with a two-year associate degree in Biblical studies?

A: Any recognized degree that shows you have completed and mastered an area of learning, in this case Biblical Studies, has value. These degrees are most helpful if you hope to do any type of church, ministry, Christian education or mission work. Many ministries, mission organizations, Christian schools and churches require this type of training as a minimum preparation for service. The related concentrations also show that you have studied a particular area more intently.

A degree from RBC can also serve as the starting point for any further degrees you choose to pursue. Acquiring a first degree in biblical studies may show that you are well rounded educationally, and have succeeded academically in a variety of settings. Because RBC is accredited by a governmentally recognized accrediting body (ABHE), there are many other colleges that accept Rosedale credits.

Q: I’m not from a Conservative Mennonite Conference (CMC) church. Why should I choose Rosedale instead of another college?

A: Rosedale is definitely a welcoming community and you will feel like family soon after you arrive, no matter where you are from. Our students come from many states and some foreign countries. Only about half of our students are from the CMC. Others come from a variety of Mennonite and non-Mennonite churches. The spiritual growth potential, biblical grounding, ministry preparation, academic excellence and low price are all benefits you can realize no matter where you attend church.

Q: What scholarships are available?

A: The average full-time student received over $3,200 in financial aid last year, lowering the cost of an educational opportunity that was already a great deal! Students at Rosedale may qualify for public assistance through the federal and Ohio state governments. In addition, some merit-based and need-based private scholarships are awarded.

Q: Why should I choose Rosedale over other colleges?

A: RBC offers a great combination of advantages. First of all, RBC is an ideal setting to become grounded in your faith in a post-high school setting. The focused spiritual environment, high student life expectations, biblically based Anabaptist teaching, encouragement to ask questions, small family-like atmosphere and committed, knowledgeable faculty make RBC a great place to grow spiritually. Academically, the accredited status of the college, small classes (average of 20 students), caring approachable faculty, and high standards result in much learning. Students are well-prepared to go on in their studies after RBC. Economically, RBC costs only a half to a third as much as many other private Christian colleges. Why not start at RBC, and then transfer as many credits as you can into another four-year school to pursue a major of your choice?

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